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Welcome to Doughnut Shop Collective

A streetwear and media outlet that celebrates self-expression and daring creativity.

Doughnut Shop Collective is a streetwear and media brand founded on the power of self-expression and community. Proud to be a woman owned and operated entity since 2016, Doughnut Shop Collective is more than a clothing brand – we are purveyors of original art and unbridled creativity. We believe in lifting each other up, finding beauty in unexpected places, and using our voices to stand for others. 

Fashion has the power to open hearts, inspire confidence, and make statements; by embracing the power of expressive clothing, we can all walk through this world in a more authentic way. 

Offering more than just incredibly comfortable, durable, and unique designs, Doughnut Shop Collective is on a mission to bridge the gap between all different types of creatives and artists in this world.  As creative community builders and artistic advocates, we also dedicate a portion of our profits, as well as our time and energy, to other artists, musicians, designers, and creatives within our region and across the globe. In addition to hosting events or sharing the talent of others on our platform, we actively work with other indie brands and solopreneurs to showcase their work with likeminded individuals.

We believe that clothing has the power to inspire, the power to create and reinforce confidence. Art and creativity can unify us in times where we feel most divided.

Believe in the power of individuality.  Celebrate diversity. Together is better than apart.

Doughnut Shop Collective is more than a clothing brand– it is a movement.

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